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Generation-NEX, Inc. offers various initiatives to service all participates. We offer small group workshops, we specialize in motivational events, we mentor through seminars, youth enrichment programs also media and photography. We also offer workshops in city missions, jails and prisons.

We aim to impact and motivate women, young girls, and youth to walk N2 schools, colleges also jobs and not walk N2 prison cells. We want to mentor individuals to discover their full potential and embrace their own  personal development. We want women, girls also youth to be able to pursue their dreams, goals, and aspirations and to become great leaders, entrepreneurs, authors, doctors, lawyers and also embrace their self-worth. 

One of the new initiatives Generation-NEX, Inc. offers is iR.E.A.C.H mentoring and enrichment program. The iR.E.A.C.H. means I ( R-estore.E-mpower.A-cheive.C-elebrate. and give H-ope) the mentoring-enrichment program was created to R.E.A.C.H. and empower women and youth. And to bring awareness to everyone about women's issues, ie. abuse, mental health and other disparities that women are challenged with in society. According  to a Prison Policy Initiative in a 2017 survey, there were over 219,000 women incarcerated in the United States there were 99,000 Women in State Prisons, 96,000 in Jails,14,000 in Federal Prison and there are many other women including young girls sitting and waiting to be sentenced. Furthermore, most of these incarcerated women have children that they leave behind. This creates broken homes and dysfunctional families in our communities. This causes our youth to be throw into the system or into someone else's  home.

Patricia A. Bufford is the Founder/President of Generation-NEX, Inc. and the creator of iR.E.A.C.H mentoring and enrichment programs. For 22 years Patricia A. Bufford worked, supervised and managed women as an NYS Correction Officer at the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility located in Westchester County. This prison is the only female maximum security facility in the State of New York. It houses up to 900 convicted female felony offenders.

Patricia A.Bufford worked in a position of authority as an officer but she also was a Godsend beacon of light and a "Change Agent" to many broken women living in darkest. She gave them hope to live also life-changing words of wisdom on a daily basis.   
Many of these women were survivors of sexual violence, domestic violence, sexual abuse, narcotics abuse and alcohol abuse, and not to forget relationship challenges that interrupted their lives. These interruptions caused them to make poor choices and bad decisions leading many of them to do severe time behind prison bars. While doing this time it caused their dreams, goals, and aspirations to be deferred and some of them will never get a chance to pursue any dream, goals or aspirations. But,for those that make it out many opportunities are available to each of them. But,they will need guidance, mentoring and coaching to be acclimated back into society. So,Generation-NEX,Inc. aims to be a part of the solution and not the problem. So, please help us make a difference and Donate by Clicking below on Givelify ! 

It is with great compassion that Patricia A. Bufford holds up the mantle to R.E.A.C.H. out and impact the lives of women and youth of all races, ages, and backgrounds. Reverend Patricia A. Bufford is now a Pastor in Buffalo, NY. She is also an Empowerment Speaker. She knows that with God all things are possible and through Him, lives can be changed R-estored.E-mpowered. A-chieve.C-elebrated. and have H-ope. Through mentoring, we can help to save young girls from becoming women behind prison walls. Each One,Teach One! It takes a Village to raise a child, but it takes a community of faith to raise a village. If we can change mindsets we can change lives! The iR.E.A.C.H mentoring and after - school enrichment program aims to help women, and youth to know and grow into strong individuals that will pursue their dreams, goals, and aspirations without interruptions.

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